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JANUARY 04 @ VP Yhels hauz

1. dong
2. shogun31
3. denz
4. charles
5. glen_jel
6. paulo
7. logan
8. yinyan

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1. Do not use SMS message type characters when posting a message in any thread. This is a website, not a cellular phone.
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A New Phase in Life: Engagement

LMC Blog Ring311
I never anticipated that this moment will happened this year. This is it. The moment of the new phase in life... ENGAGEMENT.
There was no special ceremony. Just a man in one bended knee with a heart full of sincerity. Words of promising love that will last a lifetime and til the next life after. A vow to woman whom he wants to be with in life and grow old with. In a hand holding a box of a ring and cited a proposal if i want to do same with him.
They say diamond is forever. I never believed this before....


dahil sa naglipanang fake money ginagamit ng ibang tindera at kasabwat na pulis pasay.

dito ko na lang po ikwento nangyari sa brother ko last saturday.

nakapasa sa thesis brother ko,sa sobrang tuwa para mairegalo nya sa sarili nya nagpasyang sumama sa hiking papuntang batangas sa mount makulot ang akyat nila.
may mga kasamahang taga maynila kaya sa terminal ng pasay sya naghintayan.
at sya ang naiwang magisa para bumili ng makakain nila sa bus tungong batangas.
ang perang...

A Life That Can Be Called "Life"

Just stopping for a while from working now in office. It just came up into my mind. I realized that it was already a year since the first time I attended tambay in LMC. I thought it was July 2011. Then I revisited my newbie thread to confirm the exact date. There it was! June 25 2011. My first tambay in LMC and, luckily, it was also a house visit to Axz (wedding anniversary with his wifey).

A year has gone but seems like it was only yesterday that I set my foot with LMC. So much moments to reminisce. The first tambay was also like a first...

Baler Aurora

a dedication for the Team Baler 2012 (snapsky, bof, chammee, ruben, kyle, skywalker, glen_jel, denz)

Aurora, such a lovely place
magically enchanted by your grace,

Rider Ako

Malaki naitulong sakin ng LMC sa pagmomotor.. Pay it forward ika nga, so nag-umpisa ako ng sarili kong blog na sana ay ma-maintain ko. Under construction pa lang but I'm excited to share it sa LMC as early as now. It's http://riderako.wordpress.com

anong meron dun?
The rider is a 20-something Filipino that rides a Honda Wave 125cc underbone. He knows little about motorcycles yet loves the experience going places on two wheels.

Rider Ako is a motorcycle-slash-travel...

Tattooed In My Heart

... first meeting... first stare... first glance...

I reminisce the day we first met,
Feels like roses surround me;
Just like the light of new day,
It hit me from out of the blue;
Like a thunder in my heart,
Roaring soundly with your name;
Your voice echoed in my mind,
Your name tattooed in my heart.

A Sovereign Heart

A dedication to all who once became a broken hearted.

The day you left my world tumbled down,
Every day I longed to see you once again,
Like a puzzle missing one piece to finish,
Life seems incomplete without you,
You were my knight in shining armour,
Realizing it only exist in fairy tale, in a dream,
Vanished like a ghost and without a trace,
You are gone but your...

A Learning, A Challenge, A Journey With LMC

A dedication to all newbies in motorcycling.

Last Saturday I brought along a friend of mine in Tambay to see what LMC really is - the members, the camaraderie. To let her see the amazing world of riders. To let her know that these people, riders as we see, tough look like a hard rock but there is always something good to them.

The helmets, the bikes seems too precious to them. It's like a crystal that when its broken it will tear their heart...

Just An Imagination

A dedication for bike mechanics.

Watching you from the distance
With full of veneration.
Bolts, screws, tools, engines
What a great innovation.
Astonishingly admiring with
the art of machines and human.
Noticing with awe and drop-down jaw,
The moves, the muscles, the skills.
Amazingly wonderful man you are
Secretly I envy and adore you.
Wondering those tightly muscled arms
Envelop my skin,...

Love At First Sound

A dedication for a love that has never been loved.

I was sitting silently,
Chatted with a friend.
I was on laidback,
Listening intently.
A beleaguering voice,
Besieged me from a distant.
Infuriated with its sound,
Curiously I looked back.
I saw you staring at me,
An imperturbable face.
Your voice enticed me,
Soothed deep my heart.
I got hooked and bewitched,
It was love at...

What It Is?

A dedication for an undying love.

It’s not an admiration,
It’s not an infatuation,
But it’s not yet love,
It’s an inspiration to move on.

You are not my air,
You are not my gravity,
And you are not my soul,
Definitely, you are my life.

A life to hold and behold,
A life to cherish for lifetime,
A life to love and beloved,
A life to...


Sometimes I think of giving up something..
and so it happened..
I gave up the things that I used to do..
Malling, Drinking, clubbing, RIDING..
I even do not have time going out with my fiance..
I gave so much time for my WORK..
because I think that this will reward me of something good..
something that I will not regret in the future..
well guess what..
those SACRIFICES that I have done already paid off..
I recently got Promoted.. cheers

Thanks LMC for...

Masayang panahon - email from a friend...

Nung ikaw ay bata... nagawa mo ba to?

*kumakain ka ba ng aratilis?
*nagpipitpit ng gumamela para gawing soapy bubbles na hihipan mo sa binilog na tanggkay ng walis tingting?
*pinipilit ka ba matulog ng nanay mo pag hapon at di ka papayagan maglaro pag di ka natulog?
*marunong ka magpatintero, saksak puso,langit- lupa, teleber-teleber, luksong tinik?
*malupit ka pag meron kang atari, family computer o kaya eh SEGA?
*alam mo ang silbi ng up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b, a, b, select, select,start?
*may mga damit ka na...

Masamang balita

Ganito magbigay ng masamang balita

KUMIRIRING ang telepono nang madaling araw....

"Hello, Master Carlos? Si Arnaldo po ito, 'yung
katiwala niyo sa
bahay-bakasyunan niyo."
"O, Mr. Arnaldo, ikaw pala. Ano't napatawag ka? May
problema ba?
"Um, napatawag lang po ako para abisuhan kayo na
namatay ang alaga niyong parrot."
"'Yung parrot kong si Pikoy, patay? 'Yung nanalo sa
bird show?
"Opo, Master Carlos, 'yun na nga po."
"Putris . sayang! Ang laki pa naman ng nagastos ko sa
ibong 'yon. Hay,buhay!...

My Midnight Blue

A dedication for a secret love...

At night when I think of you,
The thoughtfulness of you,
I look up and see the sky.
The serene beauty of a star,
Like a thousand disco lights,
Wondering how you are today.
Recalling those caring words,
I can’t help myself but sigh,
Like a moon so close yet so far.
You are like a constellation,
A god-like Hercules of today,
A valiant yet with a gentle heart.
Your voice is like a midnight...

A Knight in a Bike

A dedication to all male riders.

A rider resembles a stoned-heart,


For Skylark...

A dedication for my first bike.

My most sincere apology that I had neglected you and believe me it wasn’t my intention.
It was the darkness of my life when you came. Perhaps you didn’t know how much I longed to see you at the end of the day. How much I was excited to be home and be with you. I am sorry. Wherever you are now my heart is with you. I wish that your owner will take good care of you more than what I did.

Happy journey

To Dream to Handle

I am the youngest in our family. My family are very protective of me. Thats' why I choose life being independent from them.

Ang pagiging rider ko ay:

...Hindi ko masabi sa mama ko kasi baka magalala sya at atakehin sya sa puso.

...Hindi ko masabi sa mga kuya ko dahil baka they will say negative things about my affiliation with riders to my mother. Di bale ng ako ang masasaktan huwag lang ang mama ko.

...Hindi ko masabi sa ate ko dahil close-minded sya sa mga ganitong bagay.

...Hindi ko masabi sa mga kapitbahay ko dahil baka di nila matanggap...



Badminton of heightened sense in craze
Makes me wanna play even in daze
That at first thumps with Cel, Dong and Dan
Perches on smashes of all-oh-so-fun

Oh hell yeah you make me forget stress away
Such that I would continually get blues astray
Please make me dear to you again
And play endlessly in few hours or ten

For how I love you years before it became a hit
Now, I hunger for...

A Blessing Day

It was bright sunny day,
A moment that long waited for,
Angels gathered around,
As the priest bequeathed prayers,
And interspersed holy water,

You, Shameh, are now a Christian.

Welcome to Christian world!

How Do I Love Thee?

A dedication to all riders.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the roaring sound of engines,
Feels like sound of music to my ears.
I love thee to the flying-like driving,
As the air envelopes me, embracing me,
Like an Angel’s wings swathe around me.
I love thee to the gravity it brings
Lifting me up like I’m a goddess.
I love thee to the wonderful sight of nature
A blessing and nurtures my soul.
I love thee to the sun, dust, smoke
Helps me realize that I am still alive.

Munting Handog Para Kay LMC

Habang papalapit ang Sabado
Ang araw ng ating pagtatagpo
Walang segundo na di ka ninais na makita
Masilayan ang kagandahan
ng isang pagkakaibigan
Bagamat hindi pa kita kilala
Pero di ka mawalay sa aking isipan
Hangad ko lamang ang makamtan
ang pagiging ganap na isang mabuting miyembro

Mabuhay LMC!!!!

For Shameh...

From the moment I've set my eyes on you.
I was bewitched by your looks.
Then I touched you and named you Shameh.
Your name is a hebrew word for sky.
A sacred language of God.
You may be a non-living thing but in my heart
you are the most wonderful amazing thing.

You brought sunshine back in my life.
You light up the darkness in my heart.
You are the star in my dark sky.
You are the moon in my black night.

The first time I saw you, you brought back the smile into my face.

Career or Love

Career or love...
Ahh simple words yet so complex;
It's like choosing what shoes to buy - but what is the brand, design, color, purpose?
It's like saying "I promise" - but will you, would you, can you?
It's like saying "I will be there for you" - but how, what, when, why?

Two different worlds,
so contrast to each other,
so complicated,
so full of challenges,
but we deem to have them both.

Tough Heart...

Everything happens for a reason. Those words keep on telling me over and over again...when I was hit with broken heart syndrome. Yes! I looked tough enough but deep inside I am not. I'm just a woman.

Ahhh those were the months that I was dealing with my heart to be healed. Career at the same time healing my broken heart. To pick up things back together from pieces. And my work life somehow forgot the pain for I had no time to myself because it was only work, and work that matters to me that time.

Yeah, everything happens for a reason as what they say. The most popular words...

Goodbye Microsft...

Kahapon habang ang lahat ay busy sa kanilang mga trabaho, nagulat na lang kame ng biglang nag pa tawag ang aming operations director ng GA. nung una kala naman simpleng updates galing sa mga clients or konting head ups lang.. ng nagulat na lang ang lahat ng unti-uting namumula ang kanyang mga mata at hindi na napigilang umiyak. "Microsoft is pulling out there business here in Sykes, after 12 years of doing business with them they decided to leaves us". Yun na lang ang kanyang nasabi.. di niya eksakto binanggit kung bakit. Ang bigla na lang...

magulong pamilya

sina Jayson at Justin sa isang bus stop at nag-usap sila. Panay-panay
ang kwento ni Justin ng mga problema sa kanyang pamilya.

Hanggang si Jayson ang nagsalita: "Pare, sa tingin mo, nakakaloko ang mga problema mo sa pamilya mo? Tingnan mo naman ang sitwasyon ko:"

"Ilang taon na ang nakararaan,nakilala ko ang isang biyuda na may isang dalagang anak.
Nagpakasal kami, kaya nagkaroon ako ng isang stepdaughter. Hindi nagtagal, pinakasalan ng tatay ko ang stepdaughter ko."

"Kaya ang nangyari, ang stepdaughter ko ay


Dug a hole, thump the bore, flick a soul... No matter how we may try to inflict out the emotional sting, it is inevitable that sorts of pangs from hoolaboos and giddyaps may be experienced. More often than not, conflicts tend to outlive our identity and mete out our familiarity... That despite efforts to strive hard to hide and to form the scapegoats’ path, we usually end up losing our end... That despite attempts to modestly understand, we struggle to recognize why things fall unexpectedly into strews... That despite...


At one time in someone’s life, mistrust comes in. Without further ignoring the fact that we all do shitty tell-all lies and unfolded half-truths, spiteful wounds come to those unfounded ones. Betrayal just comes in many forms that even to those secured are being stabbed. Usually relying into an underlying fluency to ensure a lethal sore to ever hit, indeed, it is an emotional ambush to ever sound like. Cautiously designed while flawlessly executed in an evil demeanor, filled with uncertainties and tangents of paranoia, betrayer is wrapped in the coat of what ifs. And so...

Experience: A good teacher?

Just thought of writing something even though I’ve got a terrible english vocabularies.. And this is all about.. – secret muna *bleh*

Most people say that experience is a good teacher.. Sounds good!.. It will give you an idea of how to learn things by your self.. You would probably wanted to try those things that you wanna learn.. Most of the time it'll give you chill to the bone while planning on what to do.. Many successful personalities used their experiences to achieve their goals and we admire them for it.. But have you ever imagined what it takes to learn from the so-called “good...

Bagong site, Bagong shift at Bagong hirap sa pag pasok sa work- Syk_Glen

Noong una ako naka pasok dito sa makulit at masyang mundo ng Call Center kala ko eto na talaga yung hinahanap ko... oo madaling trabaho dahil di naman talaga ako sa calls na lagay kundi sa abuse side ng MSN, kaya ayon walang calls walang mura na maririnig sa customers. tuloy ang ligaya pag night shift, tulog at kung minsan ay nakakapag beer house pa.. Nasubukan mag pang umaga 6 am-3 pm.. gigising ka ng 3:30 am para abutan ang firsrt trip ng JAM pa puntang cubao na 4:30 am.. ok pa din kahit maaga gising maaga naman ang uwi at may time pa gumala at mag motor.

isang gabi sa gitna...

mga nakaw na sandali


Birth Anniversary

On this same day, 23 years ago, a child was born who soon bears a name uniquely chosen by his parents. You wouldn't think that from the innocent face of this child will emerge a man of strong personality who captivates the heart of women and a like. Correction, of women ONLY.

And after 22 years and 12 months, 10 break-ups, countless flings, a decade and so in schooling, countless troubles, numerous achievements and innumerable people met, this child is now all grown-up and is man enough to face life in a fun yet serious note preparing for a brighter future...


One day, isang araw (hehe),
My wife and I went to a small fight, around 11 pm na ng gabi.
lumilipad yung mga words, kabilaan.
Batuhan ng mabibigat na salita at pabigat ng pabigat.
Hanggang sa lumala yung pag-aaway namin.
Ang sasama na ng loob namin sa isa't-isa.

All of a sudden, my wife stopped.
Hinihimas niya yung dibdib niya while she is cryin'.
Kinabahan agad ako.
Nilapitan ko siya and asked "Ano nangyayari sa yo?"
She pointed to her heart without speaking and still crying.
The color of her face became pale.

Friday the 13th - Believer or Skeptic?

friday the 13th ngayon, awooooooooooo

naniniwala ka ba dito o hindi? LMC Blog Icon_eek

ajg punta uli tayo sa mansion awooooooooo


estafa na kaya?
last monday omorder ako kay 2tone rearset ng frame dun sa nabasag kung
rearset, tenxt ko details kung san papadala ung item... nag text ito sabi...
copy, text nalang ako pag napadla ko na... pero lumipas ang isang araw wala pa
ding tex, kinabukasan di ko muna tnxt kasi baka makulitan pero umabot nalang ng hapon
la pa din text, so tinext ko kung anu na update, nagreply, sir mga 4pm text ko sau transct
number, so ok na natuwa na ako... kaso umabot na ng 8pm la pang text... so nagtext ako
nagreply nman ang sabi bukas nalang daw kasi busy... badtrip...


Enrollment nanaman.... ibig sabihin gagastos nanaman ng napakamahal na tuition,
increase ng increase sa tuition fee....
pero ala namang pagbabago, bulok na classroom, di gumaganang aircon,
sirang mga upuan, bulok at butas butas na mga black board, BLACK BOARD!?
opo hanngang ngayon black board pa rin ang ginagamit ng LETRAN....

ang PINAKANAKAKABADTRIP habang tumatagal ay pabulok na pabulok na
sistema nila.... lalong lalo sa prosesso ng enrollment nila, dati ala siete may na aabutan pa
akong number para makapag encode ng subject, ngayon!?


Ito ay isang kwento patungkol sa isang tao na ang buhay ay binago ng Lord.

Siya ay isang napaka-yabang na tao. Gusto niya makaharap ang mga mayayabang para
yabangan pa. (ang lufet nito). Pakiramdam niya siya lang ang magaling, marunong at ang bida
sa lahat ng bagay.

Ang pananalita niya ay puno ng kasinungalingan, kalaswaan, at paninirang puri. Sa simula ng
kanyang salita ay may pagmumura muna at tatapusin niya ang kanyang pangungusap ng pagmumura din.

Grabe naiimagine niyo ba kung gaano kasama ito at kung gaano kayabang itong tao na ito.

Ganito pala pakiramdam ng isang ama

Salamat po sa Poong May Kapal at ako ay naging ganap na tatay na. Naipanganak ni sniper ang anak namin si JK kahit na nag agaw buhay sya. Nagkaroon kasi ng complication sa pagbubuntis si sniper. Pre-eclampsia ang tawag. Napaka delekado daw pala ninto at kadalasang nagiging cause ng kamatayan ng mga ina. Malaki talaga ang aking pasasalamat dahil pareho nang masigla ang aking mag ina. Nakaligtas na si sniper sa matinding peligro yun nga lang na CS talaga sya. 9 lbs po ang aming anak at napaka cute nya (para sa amin). Ang taba ng pisngi at napakabigat.

Ngayong nailabas na ang aming...

Buhay sa trabaho ni Yhel

September 24, tinawagan ako ng manager ko na huwag ng pumasok ng gabi. For transfer na raw ako sa ibang division ( department ) at magreport ako kinabukasan sa bago kong assignment.
Magkahalong lungkot,saya,takot at pagkagulat ang nadama ko.
Lungkot, hindi ako nakapag-paalam ng maayos sa mga kasamahan ko at sa mga taong hawak ko.
Saya dahil bagong kabanata na naman ng buhay trabaho ko.
Pagkagulat dahil hindi ko inaasahan na malilipat na agad ako.
Takot dahil matindi raw ang labanan sa bagong nalipatan ko.

Ongoing training ulit ako, parang bagong hire ulit. Bagong...
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